Now well into our third season of the Clientside Podcast it felt time to have a quick refresh of the cover image artwork and promotional banners.

The first cover image had served us well - it was a version 1.0 after all. But conversations on the podcast rarely talk about code, and in reality, the podcast was hosted by myself for A Digital, the agency I founded, rather than by A Digital. I also felt the soundwaves were too static and a little cliched after the way podcasting has truly hit the mainstream over recent years.

While a distinction between agency-side and client-side is inevitable, I didn't like the tagline 'building trust on both sides of digital projects'. Yes, that's one of the goals for the podcast, but for a successful website or digital campaign, you can't have an 'us' and 'them' mindset. You're on the same team, working towards a unified, successful result that can only come through collaboration.

The new artwork still uses the branding elements from A Digital and features yours truly on the cover image. The circles obviously emanate from those used in the A Digital brand mark but I also liked the idea of 'lifting the lid' to reveal the conversations that are relevant to audiences wanting to learn more about a variety of aspects of digital marketing and achieving website success.

With the new cover image came some new promotional banners, as well as the option to have cover images for each individual episode.

The updated images have gone live with episode 29 of the Clientside Podcast which features a conversation about website copywriting with my guest Sarah Townsend, author of Survival Skills for Freelancers.