In this special episode of the Clientside Podcast, I chat with New York based independent accessibility consultant Svetlana Kouznetsova.

In this episode, Svetlana told me 98% of online content isn't accessible to people with disabilities. 98%! Despite all the years of progress with technology, an incredible majority of content isn't accessible to people with disabilities.

People with disabilities make up the largest minority of 1.85 billion people in the world. That's the population size of China and EU combined.

In this epsiode, we speak about deafness and the the importance of creating accessible content. This isn't good practice solely for people with disabilities, but supports digital inclusion and for businesses, enhances return on investment.

💭 Did you know...

👩‍💻 85% of Facebook videos are watched while muted
🎬 90% of captioned videos are watched to completion
👂 80% of people who use captions aren't deaf

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Thank you also to Music Radio Creative for providing the voiceover for this episode.

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Trailer for the Clientside Podcast where Andrew Armitage speaks to Svetlana Kouznetsova

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Svetlana's TEDx Talk

How Captions increase ROI and Audience for Media Creators