This month I spoke at the Craft CMS developer conference Dot All which took place in Montreal.

Now in it's third year, the official Craft CMS conference is organised by the team at Pixel & Tonic, and having attended previous conferences in Portland OR, Berlin, Germany and this year in Canada, I was delighted to have response to a call for speakers accepted.

Over recent years as we've seen growth at A Digital, I've been forced to distance myself from code, but Craft CMS is a platform we work with on a daily basis. So why speak at a Developer Conference? Well conferences such as this present a dual-track option for attendees to follow either a more technical track, a business/personal development track or a combination of both. My chosen subject on website migrations was something that would have value from a delivery and client service perspective, but also from a technical position having overseen several recent high-profile migrations of our own. This was an opportunity to prepare a presentation and speak in a friendly environment with the hope that it will lead to speaking at other events.

There's also still plenty for us to learn as an Agency in terms of how we manage projects and build out our sites. I'm a firm believer that in friendly and inclusive communities such as this, everyone can learn something from each other – even if it's only reassurance that you're doing things the same way as other people are.

Apart from highly recommending the conference for anyone working with Craft CMS, my call to action in this post is to other event and conference organisers. Dear event manager, if you're looking for a speaker or presentation around website planning, digital marketing or project delivery, I'd love to be considered!

You can download my most recent speaker profile here.