The very nature of publishing a website makes it globally accessible to a world-wide audience. That's fine if you're targeting a very small segment of that audience, be that specific to a single country, city or even community.

However, if you've published your website with the intent of capturing a global marketplace, your language and localisation efforts will need to be sensitive to wider cultural considerations or local factors that are communicated through language, but go well beyond words.

In this episode, I talk with Wendy Pease of Boston translation agency Rapport International about what it takes to write a truly global website. Wendy is also the author of The Language of Global Marketing and hosts her a podcast called the Global Marketing Show.

We talk about:

  • Why you can't just use Google Translate and be done with it;
  • Defining translation and interpretation;
  • Understand the differences between an internationalisation, globalisation and localisation project;
  • The practicalities of working with a translation agency to build a multi-lingual site;

It's a great discussion and you can either listen below or on your favourite podcast app, or find the transcript and show notes at

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